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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Repeat Notice and Stay Crafty @ Home Blog Hop August 8th


Leigh's blog hops are stress play when you want and how much you want!  All the details are HERE at LeighSBDesigns Inspiration Blog!  The linky party is there, too! 😉
I am dealing with the new Blogger so bear with me or laugh with me cause I don't know what to do!  I am reblogging my little kitty Christmas ornament that I didn't get posted in time for Christmas in July with Leigh!  Lyneen came by and saw it so it will be a repeat for her! 
This is one of Leigh's and I love it!  Meowy Christmas ATCoin comes with a free ATCoin swap label and he is adorable!  I basically used the little Crayola glitter paint set and die cut the two circles.  I printed Meowy Christmas kitty on the top circle and painted it all up.  Then I colored and fussy cut another kitty and glued on to the top circle.  I used a white gel pen and white acrylic paint to texturize the hat, sparkle the eyes and nose, and accent the sentiment.  I attached the finished pieces to a cereal box circle and slipped in the lace for a hanger before gluing it all down.  I am finally getting set up downstairs again.  My back doesn't like the stairs and it has been very slow going!  So here's hoping my back holds out for this fabulous blog hop!  Thanks for hosting and sponsoring another hop for our sanity, Leigh!


  1. Ooooo LOVE LOVE LOVE it Nan, so happy you got it in for this hop, what a treat!!! We're a right pair with our backs at the moment aren't we, feel better soon!!!!!
    So happy to have you playing in my Stay Crafty @ Home blog hop!
    Stay Safe!

  2. Thanks! I do hope your back is feeling a bit better, too!

  3. The new blogger is a bit of a pain - I thought it was doing better but I am finding that I have to revert occasionally to old blogger to make things work. At the moment my indents and centre placing seem all to pot...
    Love this ATCoin - lots of sparkle!

    1. I can't find out how to make the text not print out in that awful white box!! I messed up all of my colors fiddling with it to no avail! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful ATCoin, love the sparkle and colour!

    Val S - LeighSBDesigns DT

  5. This is a lovely decoration. I think the new blogger is temperamental, yesterday it was a real pain. I find if I copy and paste text it has a white box around it, but not if I type directly into blogger. x

  6. Thank you so much for the clue to this! I am fighting it so hard and it is winning! LOL I will give it a try for sure!