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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Hi all!  It's time for a midway posting at Ike's World Challenges for March!   Our challenge #130 is Out of Your Comfort Zone and/or Anything Goes!  Come play with us HERE!

I have wanted to watercolor forever but the lack of "control" with watercolors always made me hesitant.  Painting with acrylics is much more controlled for me and easier to fix a happy mistake! 😊  So for my out of my comfort zone I decided to use Koi Watercolors on two of the fabulous images from the Japan World Tour Series by the fabtastic Ike's Art!  You can also get the Japanese Lady without the word Japan in black and white or precolored separately from the collection.  Knowing this was for my design team make made me a little less cautious (since it was out of my comfort zone!) and I added my fabric texture/design into the kimono.  I was so pleased when it turned out as I wanted it to!  And a whole lot surprised I might add!   For the Japanese garden sculpture I took some artistic license and gave it some pagoda gorgeous red roofing!   You see this basic shape in almost all of the shrine gardens and most private gardens.   I had fun with it and was really glad the challenge theme kinda forced my hand to try it!
Ike has given us, as always!, has given us a freebie this month!  I find myself in a rush when visiting sites and getting excited about an awesome freebie downloading the image and dashing off without leaving a comment :(   Life is so hurried we all have to pack in our computer time and it is something we can overlook doing.  So let's all leave lots of love and comments for our designers who make our lives a whole lot brighter with their art :)
Of course you may follow the theme or just go with Anything Goes!  Ike makes it easey peasey for you to play along!  So come on and get out of your comfort zone or stay right where you feel comfortable....just make sure you play along!  We want to see your fabulous makes for March!
P.S.   I know my world has gotten scary since January and just this last several days have left us with empty shelves in our markets.  My prayers are for everyone's safety and well-being.