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Sunday, July 9, 2023

July 9th Sunday Songs and Rhymes!

Our inspiration poem for July is Summer’s Bed at The Outlawz Sunday Songs and Rhymes Challenge!  I was inspired by the line “And all the skies are blue and clear.”

I created a photo of a dandelion ages ago in Procreate and have wanted to use it for something. So it became a nice setting for a couple of lady bugs and a kitty!  The sky and the soft grass makes me think of summer days when going to bed was time wasted not being able to play on in my younger brain!  Now it screams for bedtime 😂.  So take a nap then get busy crafting some goodies for us to see!  Remember to let us know what inspired you from the poem!  Come play at the Outlawz Sunday Songs and Rhymes Challenge for July!

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