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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

June Midway Ike's World Challenge



 ANYTHING GOES/option of 


June is here and hot so why not retreat to the craft room and have some fun?  Then, of course!, drop it at Ike's World Challenges HERE for a chance to win a happy and have us come by your blog for a glass of ice cold tea!  June is known for weddings although why anyone would want to brave these hot temperatures that we have here bewilders me!  (I have also put no wedding months in my daughter's upcoming nuptial planning!)  Excuse my wandering thoughts and back to the challenge!  I love the  Wedding Cake at Ike's Art and have wanted to work with it for ages!  My plans for a paper pieced project were smashed when I realized it was the LAST day to post my make!  Procreate swooped in like the hero and I was able to use a background of marbled paper that I had made and saved months ago!  Then I loosely colored the image in Procreate and yes, I did want the cake green :)  
So here we sit waiting for the next opportunity to visit a wonderful blog and I hope it is yours!

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