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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Playing with a Face Sketch

I was reading a magazine and saw a face sketch challenge.  The challenge was on old one and you were supposed to take a photo of yourself and sketch it digitally or with charcoal pencil.  I took another direction with it instead of making a journal page with it; I decided to go for a collage effect.  It was fun and my knowledge of Photoshop is very limited so the colors did not cooperate with me but I kind of liked it.

This was eye opening as in some filters every line and wrinkle popped right out at me!  I do not like seeing  myself in photos, never have, but I made myself play with the images and decided it was okay.  My next one is using a filter that makes me look so old and wrinkled that it will make a fabulous dark make!  So be prepared it will not be pleasant to look at! :)

Happy Crafting and take a picture and have some fun playing!


  1. Ooh, this is so cool! Loving it and great to see your face ... but don't eat anymore carrots, lol

  2. LOL was trying for a tan! Thanks sweetie!