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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Radiant Day at Dragons Lair Designs Sunday Showcase!

I love the colors in this fabulous kit "Radiant Day"!  I had a really, really old mail holder from someone's vacation they brought back to me and I was long tired of it and retired it :)  Now it has a new life as my little dragon friend's mail slot.  I also used the fabulous papers to make an envelope addressed to who else but Dragons Lair Designs!  

The papers on the back are from the kit also and I used some stamps from ART-C on sale at Michael's to add "MAIL" and some flourishes and post marking.  Sorry for lousy colors my fault not the kits!  Mu daughter borrowed her camera back...sob!  So winging it for a bit.

With my envelope all ready to mail out.  I also altered a little tiny notebook with some of the background paper and used my dragon friend again to label it for all my DLD duties and know my memory!  I need this and plan on making one for each team.

This will be a regular feature at Dragons Lair Designs, how exciting!  We all love some freebies, right?  So keep an eye out on Sundays and catch the latest fabulous things going on and share your makes from these wonderfuls on our Facebook Fan Page and LIKE us while you are there, please?

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