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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Carnival Time Down South!

Ole Henri (not pronounced Henry!) love gators and carnival!  The beads, the ladies, the floats, and that food! although where it goes I am not quiet sure!  He is dressed to the nines ready to lead the parades down St. Charles Street clear through to Canal Street down New Orleans way.  I have had my fun at many a parade but those days are behind me as I grow old :) but many fun memories of camping out to be first to catch a coconut thrown from the Zulu parade to beads from the celeb riding on the Krewe of Rex!  So although a little past Mardi Gras this year here is a happy nod to a blast from the past!

Of course, Henri has another name given him by Rick St. Dennis who captured our carnival joy perfectly with this image and it is " Voodoo Skullman" and voodoo is still alive and well in New Orleans and the bayou by the way best believe that!  Henri is colored with Prisma colored pencils and a bargain bin stamp was altered a bit to create the "beads" in the background with Inktense blocks and Gelatos.  The beads and gorgeous gator necklace/ornament for next year! were provided by my daughter who went to a safer part of our part of the woods and caught to contribute to this.  That gator better watch Henri...he loves to add a bit or alot to his gumbo!  

Remember our Facebook challenge is still going strong for February with the theme "Add an Arrow, Heart or Both" to any Rick St. Dennis image!  You can enter HERE!  Also, Rick now has his dark side on Etsy and the lovelies on his Zibbet stores so easy to just pick a store that suits your fancy or do like I do, visit them both and have a blast coloring and creating away!  There are also two blogs to follow and be inspired by:  Sparkle and Glitter and Airless Chambers where you can see projects from the EDT to hopefully inspire you as you inspire us on the Fan page on Facebook so keep those posting coming!  Cause it's carnival time as the song says but all year long!

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